The memory model

Duane Clark dclark at
Tue Mar 12 11:09:12 CST 2002

Over on comp.arch.fpga, there has been a discussion (in the thread 
"exceeding 2GB limits in xilinx") about the memory models of Windoze 
versus Linux, and whether running a Windows program under wine would 
impose the Windows memory model on an application.

This all comes about because the newest Xilinx software says that to use 
their newest large devices, a computer needs a minimum of 3GB to run 
place and route! Apparently Windows allocates 2GB to user space and 
Linux allocates 3GB (just repeating what has been said by others there). 
It was mentioned that perhaps running the tools under Linux/wine might 
allow the tools to have access to the full 3GB available under Linux.

In any case, this made me curious, and I was hoping some of the more 
knowledgable people here might be able to explain how this works under wine.


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