The memory model

Tony Bryant brd at
Tue Mar 12 15:01:11 CST 2002

> I *think* this should use 3GB on Linux.
> After all RtlAllocateHeap calls VirtualAlloc which uses raw memory
> allocation without any 2GB restrictions to be seen anywhere.
> ICBVW, though.
> I think that if Windows allocates 2GB only to user space, then that's it.
> If Linux allocs 3GB for that, then that's it, too.
> Wine only plays a minor role in that, AFAICS.

This 3GB thing causes Borland C Builder 4's linker to lock up, it gets
confused with virtual sizes > 2GB. I've had to hack my local copy of wine to 
get it to work. Perhaps it might be a good idea to have an option to restrict 
the size of what VirtualAlloc can return?

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