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Thu Mar 14 15:07:52 CST 2002

I am trying to run a point of sale app with the following
i)  16 bit 
ii) written in Borland C 5
iii)uses DDE
iv) The app is broken into some 4 or 5 EXE and DLL files that communicate
with the windows POST MESSAGE function. 
Two apps communicate through DDE.

Does anyone have experience with applications written with
Borland C in wine?

It seems that 16 bit Apps written in Borland C are 
not working as in win98.

The thing is I have tried about 30 apps.
Everything written in Visual C (16 and 32 bits) works.
Almost all apps written in Borland 32 bits, including OWL and 
BWCC apps work. This is a quite impressive showing for wine.

16 bit Apps written in Borland C seem to perform poorly.

Running the apps with
--debugmsg warn+all

shows consistent problems with

GDI: use of invalid pointers
HEAP: adressing attempts of invalid addresses

Furthermore, it seems that the apps are not correctly sharing
the processor. For the program to run it is necessary to
click in all the windows and therefore allocate processor time
by giving focus.

Does anyone have experience with Borland C 16 bit apps.

Is your experience consistent with this report?

I certainly would appreciate any pointers.

Miguel Feitosa

p.S : Eric -> I have changed the Apps to not use DDE.
I am going to do a couple more days of testing.
Then I will roll back the app to the original state
and generate some traces for DDE.

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