Visual FoxPro and "GDI Regressions"

Rick Romero rick at
Fri Mar 15 08:40:05 CST 2002

- Previously posted to wine-users (but with LESS info, worded worse :)

As much as I think I won't be able to accomplish anything, I keep
trying, and I've come across something interesting..

I'm testing my regression by doing the following:
- Start the app
- Press CTRL-V to paste text into the Command Window (which is the
active 'MDI' window - but not really MDI - by default)
- Switch to another virtual desktop
- Switch back to Foxpro Desktop (That makes the Command Window 'look'
active, by becoming blue instead of grey)
- Click on the text that has been pasted.

All builds after 5/10/01 will have the problem.  The text will
highlight as I move the mouse, as if I was still holding the mouse
button down.  This behavior is the same on scrollbars also.
I normally run FoxPro with:
wine /mnt/windows/DevStudio/vfp/vfp.exe

Trying to discern some useful information, I've been playing with
debugmsg.  I've noticed if I do:
wine --debugmsg +scroll,+event,+toolbar,+gdi,+heap /mnt/windows/DevStu

Clicking works as it should.. Scrollbars take two clicks before the
ButtonRelease isn't acknoledged, but the text highlighting doesn't
occur.  I can click and move around normally.  If I attempt to highlight
text, (holding down the button) the ButtonRelease then is ignored as

If I cut out some of the debug info:
wine --debugmsg +scroll,+event,+toolbar /mnt/windows/DevStu
We're back to normal (non-working normal).

It seems like there is some timing issue that the (almost extreme)
slowness from printing the debugging info is overcoming..(it's just
going to stdout)  Is there a click/release timer that could be

I've posted a small application at .
It uncompresses to a setup.exe and files, which includes the VFP5
Runtime, and a test.exe application that just opens a MDI window.  The
above test works on this application. has more information on setup
and installation with Wine (because it's not 100%).

Hopefully everyone won't be too WineConf'd out next week :)


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