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Tony Lambregts tony_lambregts at
Mon Mar 18 18:15:04 CST 2002

James Hatheway wrote:
 > Hi everyone,
 > The other keypoint that was brought up was that: we need to drive 
users in and make it easy
 > for them to help with (A) Docs, (B) Bugs, and (C) Testing apps
 > -James

As a _not_to_bright_ user of wine I would like to comment on the above.

A) Thankyou to Jerry Newman for getting the online documentation at
winehq current this I feel is the first/best step to getting user input
to the docs. By keeping the documentation at winehq current users (like
me) can count on having access to the most current documentation without
   additional searching. To build on this we need a documentation mailing
list to capture/discuss problems with the documentation. I believe it
would be helpfull to have a link to this list via . This would enable users to easily
contribute thier comments. Of course having the network news interface
up and running would be helpfull as well (insert smilely).

B) My thoughts on bugs. all Bugs fall into four categories

1. Crashes
Crashes are relitively easy to find and report. The documentation for
this just needs to point to bugzilla for reporting.

2. Regressions (function used to work and now dosn't)
These bugs are a little harder to trace but the procedure is well
documented. We need get the reporting of these bugs to point to bugzilla.

3. FIXME's (function is not implimented)
There should be a bugzilla report for each FIXME.

4. Incorrect implimentation bugs
These are bugs that are hard to find/fix because the function is
implimented incorrectly but the program works otherwise. There isn't any
really good documentation on how to track these types of bugs (that I
could find).

All that is fine enough and can be fixed through proper documentation.

Bugzilla however needs considerable work in order for it to be usefull.
in order to get this email out in a timely fashion I can't be more
specific. I will comment on the problems I see with bugzilla at a latter
date. I do think we should use it but it needs work.

C. Testing apps? I have no real idea what you mean.

Tony Lambregts

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