Bugzilla, was Re: wineconf summary

Dimitrie O. Paun dpaun at rogers.com
Tue Mar 19 09:19:20 CST 2002

On March 19, 2002 08:49 am, Andriy Palamarchuk wrote:
> > Dimitry brought up the issue
> > that it is important to have small enough bugs that
> > developers can work on them.
> In this regard there should be 2 categories of bugs:
> a) metabugs
> b) tasklets
> The metabugs are big and pretty much general. Good
> metabugs are: "Wine 0.9", "dll separation". Then we
> make a lot of small bugs - "tasklets" and make the
> metabugs depend on them.

Yes, that was the idea. People suggested that we create one level of 
metabugs, I suggested that we create as many levels as needed to get to the 
fine granularity of small tasklets. For example:

  Wine 0.9
    dll separation

so now, func1 becomes a tasklet bug. When a func1 is removed, we close the 
bug. When all functions for user are closed, user is separated, so we close 
that metabug. And so on, up the tree.

> > dimitry suggested posting the top 10 or
> > 20 bugs to wine-devel every other week, and I
> > suggested putting the in WWN.
> I'm not sure about usefullness of this one. What we
> need are people, responsible for Wine subsystems.

No, this is from another perspective. And that is, getting more people into 
Wine devel, like the Abiword folks do. Problem is that right now the barrier 
to entry is enormous: the project is huge, and there is no clear list of 
_small_ tasks (which require little knowledge of the project). Going through 
Bugzilla is not an option -- few people do that. If we extract a list of 
10-20 bugs, and post them on WWN, a _lot_ more people will see them, click on 
it, etc. It's just a way of getting people into the game, that's all.

> > A new mailing list
> > will be created, called wine-bugs so that people can
> > be notified of new bugs and hopefully respond to
> > users in a timely manner.
> We already have such list. It is called "wine-user"

I'm not sold on the benefit of a bugs list either. We aren't that many 
people, there's no point into slicing the traffic too much at this point.


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