Linuxism in dlls/msvcrt/msvcrt.spec?

Medland, Bill Bill.Medland at
Tue Mar 19 10:23:13 CST 2002

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> From: Gerald Pfeifer [mailto:pfeifer at]
> Sent: Monday, March 18, 2002 8:31 AM
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> Cc: Martin Faxer
> Subject: Linuxism in dlls/msvcrt/msvcrt.spec?
> I believe there is a Linuxism in dlls/msvcrt/msvcrt.spec which expects
> that _tolower and _toupper exist as functions.
> The following patch by Martin Faxér 
> <gmh003532 at> addresses
> this; if this patch seems unacceptable, we'd appreciate a 
> note and a short
> explanation why the current code is fine and the patch is not fine.
> Thanks,
> Gerald

Well actually I think both are wrong; I am just doing the patch.

(Actually I don't understand where the _toupper is coming from)

The problem is that _toupper is NOT the same as toupper; _toupper does not
test that the character is lowercase; it just converts it.  

The patch is to hook into the existing MSVCRT__toupper and MSVCRT__tolower.


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