Road to 0.9

Michael Cardenas michael.cardenas at
Tue Mar 19 12:15:50 CST 2002

I think this will really bring us a long way to having a stable wine.

Does anyone besides lawson have a pet application that they use all the 

Any volunteers?

James Hatheway wrote:

>>C. Testing apps? I have no real idea what you mean.
>Sorry, I guess I should have been more clear, I just typed in
>word for word my brief shorthand notes :)
>Basically, the idea that we had was the concept of getting users
>to volunteer to "own" an app, ie. responsible for yelling when 
>we break an app.  This already sort of happens, but never
>in a formal way.  We never decided the details, but I envisiage
>having one person volunteering to each test their favourite app on every
>release and filing bugs. (in a way that is helpful, we'll have docs for that)

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