Fwd: Re: Road to 0.9

Michael Cardenas michael.cardenas at lindows.com
Tue Mar 19 12:16:12 CST 2002

Yeah, I wanted to ask Alexandre at the conference how regression testing 
is a requirement. We need some specific numbers here. How many tests 
does he expect us to have? 10? 100?

James Hatheway wrote:

>>>* Regression Testing - Francois, Andridy, Patrick,
>>>Dimi, Andi, Steven
>>Hmm, Regression Tests development will never finish.
>>Can you define any specific goal for the regression
>>tests you want to accomplish for 0.9?
>I believe the goal from Alexandre was that he just wanted
>the frameworks stabilized, with documentation and some sample
>tests.  (I know there is a framework in place, it was demonstrated
>at the conference, but I'm not sure if the API was frozen or not)

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