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Date: Tue, 19 Mar 2002 12:43:05 -0800 (PST)
From: Raymond Steding <rsteding at lpbn.org>
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Yes. It is ok.

I think if high quality equipment were available the DVcassettes could be 
remixed and made comprehensible. I may have access to such equipment at a studio 
that I know.

Quoting Michael Cardenas :

> again, can I post this to the wine-devel list also? maybe we can get 
> some help with the transcription.
> I'm attaching a working summary of the conference, that will be posted
> to winehq.com, with the presentation files.
> Here are the speakers and the topics:
> WINE Past, Present and Future [Alexandre Julliard]*
> The wine debugger [Ulrich Weigland]*
> How To Make Fonts Look Great In Wine [ Huw Davies]*
> Package streamlining of WINE [Marcus Meissner]*
> DirectX [Ove Kaaven/ Gavriel State]*
> IActiveScript, or how jscript.dll was reimplemented using the Mozilla
> JScript engine, lots of glue, and a little bit of luck". [James
> Hatheway]*
> Beyond Trial And Error, Alternative Ways To Insure Quality Code [Patrick
> Stridvall]
> A Howto For Regression Testing [Francois Gouget]
> Wine/Windows bootup handling and documentation/end user representation
> [Andreas Mohr]
> Business Talks
> -----------------
> Macadamian - Making It As A Software House [Frederic Boulanger]*
> An Unique Commercial Application for WINE [Cadlink Technology/David
> Hawkes]*
> Wine Licensing [Transgaming/Gavriel State]*
> ReactOS - Where it's at, where it's going [ReactOS/Jason Filby]
> Corel, A Look Back [Xandros/Jeff Tranter]
> Lindows.com And WINE [Michael Robertson]
> Raymond Steding wrote:
> >Hello Again:
> >
> >I forgot to ask,(once you get to a computer that will play the files)
> if you can 
> >send me the name/names, titles, companies, and subjects of the speakers
> in the 
> >videos. I'll make a nice snapshot of the speaker and put the thumbnail
> up beside 
> >the link.
> >
> >Note that the speakers with heavy accents are difficult to understand
> and the 
> >speakers with no accents are easily understood. The accented speakers
> also 
> >tended to speak softly.
> >
> >The room was the most difficult room for recording sound that I've ever
> been in. 
> >The ceiling of the room has 2" hollow squares across it's surface. The
> squares 
> >effectively break up all sound waves and create an almost impossible
> recording 
> >environment.
> >
> >Had LPBN had 3 additional microphones the recordings would have been
> better but 
> >unfortunately we haven't had the funding yet for additional
> microphones. 
> >
> >Some of the guests also mentioned that they were not able to hear the
> other 
> >guests during discussion. Even with additional microphones the
> discussions would 
> >have likely been sub standard. The existing sound recordings will have
> to be 
> >amplified and equalized for the guest discussions.
> >
> >Alexander Juliard is even difficult to understand in the short LPBN
> interview 
> >that is up. He was standing directly in front of the microphone at the
> time. 
> >I'll try to transcribe his presentation, which is currently not up, to
> subtitles 
> >once the final videos are created. If I'm not able to do the
> transcription his 
> >presentation will not be made available. Each of the presenters has a
> series of 
> >slides that actually work quite well with text. Would be nice to have a
> link the 
> >each speakers slide presentation.
> >
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> >Linux Public Broadcasting Network
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