Road to 0.9

Michael Cardenas michael.cardenas at
Wed Mar 20 11:56:15 CST 2002

Well, that's great. If you do write the script, please post it here for 
others to use. If I write it, I'll do the same.

Yven Leist wrote:

>On Wednesday 20 March 2002 02:12, you wrote:
>>The problem with only testing releases is that so many patches go into a
>>release, that you won't know what patch broke your app.
>>I think the real problem is, what would your cron job do after the "wine
>>{my app}" stage?
>>how about doing a
>>"wine {my app} > myapp.log && tail -f myapp.log | grep 'segfault
>>occurred' && mail me at "my app crashed" ^D^D^D
>>or some such thing in a more robust script? I know the above syntax
>>won't work, but basically, check the output of the app and look for some
>>kind of crash condition, and mail yourself if it occurs.
>yes, that's exactly what I had in mind, it was implied in the "notifying me 
>if it doesn't" part :-)
>checking for "Unhandled exception" or for instance deadlock stuff like  
>"err:ntdll:RtlpWaitForCriticalSection..." in the log file should be trivial.
>But that's probably not going to happen that often anyway, and of course it's 
>not meant as a substitute for "real world" tests, rather as a "zero cost" 
>additional check.

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