Why Wine is like playing the guitar

Roland roland at netquant.com.br
Wed Mar 20 12:07:30 CST 2002

At 10:47 PM 3/19/02 -0800, Michael Robertson wrote:
>The challenge we have now is that the goal for WINE is an architectual one
>(learn every chord). While nobody can deny the value of a solid underpinning,
>users don't care about the architecture. They want to hear music! And
>with Wine this means "what programs can I run?"

I agree!

>You get more people offering to be on documentation teams. And you get more


Very good article. I just want to add one thing:

We need a centralized site where users can vote what programs they want 
supported on WINE. I think Transgaming has already done this for their 
subscriber base. I think that codeweavers has something similar. I would be 
good if we could put that databases together. Maybe we should also 
categorize a little, like TOP-10 games, apps, etc...


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