Automatic Regression Testing

Paul Millar paulm at
Wed Mar 20 12:07:24 CST 2002

On Wed, 20 Mar 2002, Andriy Palamarchuk wrote:

> --- Paul Millar <paulm at> wrote:
> >
> Looks good. I don't know if we need this information
> online.


We could get away with just an email when something broke, but the web
interface is supposed to provide a more elegant way of discovering what
went wrong.

There's quite a lot of information in the raw data (it can easily be over
300k). Obviously I couldn't send that to wine-devel: I would have to trim
it down. The web interface should allow people to select the important
information and ignore the rest.

There's also links to cvsweb and patch information, so figuring out which 
change caused the regression should be easy (fixing it might not be, 
though ;)

> However, having the automated tests and
> mailing wine-devel in case something breaks is,
> probably a good idea.

Yep, emailing wine-devel sounds like a good idea.

What information would be useful?

I think the minimum is a list of applied patches, the tests that broke and
a link to the buildinfo web page.


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