Why Wine is like playing the guitar

Michael Cardenas michael.cardenas at lindows.com
Wed Mar 20 12:06:22 CST 2002

I've been working on trying to get the embedded browser in AOL to work, 
even WITH the native mshtml.dll, but it won't. My concern is that if the 
infrastructure isn't even there to create the com object, it might be a 
lot of work to get mozilla to launch.

I plan to submit patches that allow aol7 to run today, along with some 
detailed info on the browser problem, but if you have any suggestions as 
to how to make the embedded browser work, that would be great.

James Hatheway wrote:

>>1. StarOffice/KOffice (Bitch because of no Outlook
>I think that Ximian Evolution gets pretty close to being 
>a Outlook clone.  They even have a product (not free :( )
>that allows it to connect to an Exchange 2000 server.
>>On a Side Note:
>>One thing that Wine/Lindows and Reactos will need is
>>to be able to run alot of the newer programs with
>>tighter Mozzila/NS intigration. This was discussed a
>>little during James's presentation on the Jscript.dll
>>interface to Seamonkey. Some of the newer software
>>loads Internet Explorers MSHTML.DLL for rendering  
>>and I belive that this software with a little help
>>from wine could run better with tigher Mozilla
>As a starting place for this, developers will want to visit:
>This contains the work on making Mozilla a plug-in 
>replacement for IE as a control on windows (implementing
>IBrowser, IBrowser2, with a simple DOM implementing
>IHtmlDocument2, IHtmlElement, IHtmlElementCollection, etc.)
>The possible work involved would be: (A) making sure
>this control is as feature complete as possible and (B)
>getting WINE to run Mozilla properly.  Both of these tasks
>are non-trivial. If instead someone was planning to try to interface the
>native Linux Mozilla binary with WINE, you should realize that
>would be even more difficult, one immediate showstopper is
>that Mozilla uses pthreads and WINE doesn't.  It would be a nightmare.

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