using in console app?

Arpi arpi at
Wed Mar 20 13:35:50 CST 2002


I need some help. I've search through docs, and winelib-howto, but
didn't find what i need.

I want to use libntdll functionality (and some other winapi functions)
in a linux console app. The app. is basically a linux program, i just
have to call some functions provided in win32 .dll form (no source).

I tried:

int main(){
	void* handle=LoadLibraryA("test.dll");
	int (*myfunc)(int x)=GetProcAddress(handle,"MyProc");
	int ret=myfunc(123);

it's compiled with -lntdll (it also links to automagically)

but when running it, I got only Invalid Heap: 00000000 message.

i think i should call some Init() function before using wine functions.
but i was unable to find which one... :(

i don't want to use the documented way, so making WinMain() and let wine
to handle main() and call my program as an library/function.

libloader.a in avifile/mplayer/xine provides such functionality, but it
lacks of many function implementations so it's unusable (yet) for me :(


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