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Yven Leist leist at
Wed Mar 20 18:07:16 CST 2002

On Wednesday 20 March 2002 15:04, you wrote:
> --- Francois Gouget <fgouget at> wrote:
> > On Wed, 20 Mar 2002, Yven Leist wrote:
> > > On Tuesday 19 March 2002 23:47, Michael Cardenas
> > wrote:
> > > > Can you pick up wine and compile it on a
> >    I think that doing it each time Alexandre
> > releases a new version of
> > Wine (about every two weeks) would even be enough...
> > at least until we
> > reach 0.9.
> Agree with Francois - testing once in two weeks will
> be enough.
> Yven, could you put information about the application
> to the Application Database
> (
> It would be also great if you could maintain
> information about these applications there, put nice
> screenshots, detailed description etc. This won't take
> a lot of your time, but it is a great help to the Wine
> image to have 2 more applications with rating "works
> perfectly" in the application database.
Yes, I will do that, I already wanted to do this some time ago, but then 
never got around to actually doing it. 
The only remaining problem is that I do not have valid licenses for these two 
I know it's kind of stupid to say something like this on a public mailing 
list, and maybe the next email I'll get has "our piracy department wants to 
talk to you" in the subject line,  
but to be honest I really do not feel guilty about this, since I never used 
these applications in any kind of production environment, and personal use 
should always be free of charge IMO, just the way it already is with many 
applications like jbuilder, staroffice, DB2 etc.

<hint> If the companies producing these two applications actively supported 
linux, for instance by making sure that their applications really worked 
perfectly with wine I would not hesitate to buy a copy of them, even though 
that would stress my financial budget as a student quite a bit. </hint>
well, probably none of these companies are ever going to actually read this, 
which is almost sad, but actively contacting them saying "thanks to some 
cracker group I'm tinkering with your software for free, and if you had a 
linux version, I would even pay for it", seems just a bit too drastic ;-)


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