getting an embedded ie browser to work

Michael Cardenas michael.cardenas at
Wed Mar 20 23:28:31 CST 2002

Michael Cardenas wrote:

> Michael Cardenas wrote:
>> So, I think I found the problem.
>> michael cardenas wrote:
>>> 08d10f38:Call 
>>> kernel32.WideCharToMultiByte(00000000,00000000,405b54f4 L"Internet 
>>> Explorer_Hidden",ffffffff,405b52a0,00000207,00000000,00000000) 
>>> ret=70bd1cbf
>>> 08d10f38:Ret  kernel32.WideCharToMultiByte() retval=00000019 
>>> ret=70bd1cbf
> i'm not terribly familiar with asm in gcc. does strlenW look like it 
> might not return the right value if there's a _ in the string?
I tried an isolated test case and strlenW works fine. I'm going to try 
to see if another string is somehow getting passed to it.  ???



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