Bugzilla and the Apps database

Tony lambregts tony_lambregts at telusplanet.net
Thu Mar 21 07:47:47 CST 2002

Tony lambregts wrote:

> Michael Cardenas wrote:
> > I think that is a great idea. The only problem is that there's not a
> > really good way to maintain a list in bugzilla that people can add to.
> > I guess the app list could be a big metabug. But this might mean less
> > flexible queries.
> I don't  think I would like the metabug approach.  What is the problem
> with  this, right now people cannot just add an app to the list. I first
> have to go through a submission process to get my app put into the
> database right now.  It seems to me that maintaining the list in buzilla
> could be done when the app was actually added to the database. Could you
> enlighten me  more about  this please.
> Tony Lambregts.
The more I think about this the more I would like it.

Reasons for  integrating the app database with bugzilla.

- No problems with alternate spelling of app (M$ word, MS WORD, 
microshaft word, etc...)
- Better quality bug reports (forces user to give at correct program 
name and version)
- Keeps app database current.
-  Reduces need for metabug messiness.
- Maintainer/s for app have central place to maintain app
- Easy to  locate bugs with app.
- Easier to locate duplicate bugs.
- Encourage users to become maintainers.

Did I forget anything?

I think the long term benefits far outwiegh the short term amount of 
work to get this done.

What can I do ?

Tony Lambregts

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