Bugzilla and the Apps database

Jeremy White jwhite at codeweavers.com
Thu Mar 21 07:58:11 CST 2002

In theory, the design and layout of the appdb should allow
for this integration (we planned for it, just decided to
keep the implementation as simple as possible).

The problem is that they are two completely different systems,
so seamless integration is hard.  However, I think that
some 'bailing wire and coat hangers' to stitch the two
together would get us 90% of what we want with 10% of
the effort.

One idea could be that each app could have a bugzilla
id, and then any bugs entered for that app could 
automatically block the main bugzilla bug id.
Then Bugzilla does a really nice job of letting
you see dependency graphs and such.

So, the app db could gain a "Enter a bug for this app",
and "See all the bugs listed for this app" button.

Possibly, the bug entered for the app could also
have a URL that points back to the app db as well,
to facilitate cross pollination.

> What can I do ?

Jeremy Newman, you've got a live one.  Maybe get Tony an
account on winehq and see if he can help with the appdb

Tony, I think the appdb is mostly PHP/MySQL.  I gather
that Bugzilla is a whole bucket of other stuff.

The only hitch you might run into is that Jer is
planning an overhaul of the appdb code, so it may be
a bit tricky to work through that.



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