IE issues (was Re: wineconf 2002: final things)

Sylvain Petreolle spetreolle at
Thu Mar 21 09:29:54 CST 2002

> IE 4 and IE5.5 (I don't have IE 5 or IE 6 yet) run
> fair (not well) with the
> standard config dll selection and the following
> overrides:
>   shell,shell32,shlwapi=n
shdocvw native is needed otherwise IE 6 crashes to
debugger in dw15.exe & iexplore.exe.

> The issue with black icons is due to something in
> the native comctl32. If I
> use additionally:
>   commctrl,comctl32=n
> I will get the black icons. This started back in the
> summer of 2001 I think.
> The builtin comctl32 displays the icons correctly.
> However it does have some
> other problems.
I can't run IE 6 with comctl32 & commctrl builtin
Translation of the message that gives IE in a msgbox :

Microsoft IE has encountered a problem and must close.
We apologize for disturb.
Then a checkbox to restart automatically IE
when the button 'Close' is hit. If it's not checked,
IE closes instead of restarting.
If you choose to restart, the program is restarted and
the same msgbox appears.

I attached the log.
> Note IE is one of the main test vehicles that I use
> to work on rebar and
> toolbar. It is a great test program. It seems to use
> most of the documented
> interfaces for comctl32 and a lot of undocumented
> ones (see discussion of
> the toolbar mesage 0463).
> Guy

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