Bugzilla and the Apps database

Tony lambregts tony_lambregts at telusplanet.net
Thu Mar 21 09:56:12 CST 2002

Jeremy Newman wrote:

>On Thu, 2002-03-21 at 07:58, Jeremy White wrote:
>>Tony, I think the appdb is mostly PHP/MySQL.  I gather
>>that Bugzilla is a whole bucket of other stuff.
>Bugzilla a MESS of crufty Perl code. I've found it very difficult to
>extend that code any further without breaking it. 
>>The only hitch you might run into is that Jer is
>>planning an overhaul of the appdb code, so it may be
>>a bit tricky to work through that.
>Exactly, we have quite a few updates planed for AppDB. I will add a
>BugZilla link field to each App Version soon. I'll need someone with
>MUCHO spare time on his hands to actually go though and link each App
>Version Id to a Bugzilla Bug Id. This is NOT a small amount of work.
Ah! grunt work.  Thank goodness there's only  512 of them.  oops 513...  

Honestly  not that bad. a lot of them are not even app bugs. meta bugs 
etc...  What should I do with them? Of course there are probably some 
that have no AppDB entry.  Swell, I 've already added one so I already 
know how to do that.

I need an account to get started and maybe a few pointers.

Tony Lambregts

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