Why Wine is like playing the guitar

Göran Thyni goran at kirra.net
Fri Mar 22 01:53:39 CST 2002

On Thu, Mar 21, 2002 at 04:14:20PM -0500, James Hatheway wrote:
> >In a monolith world, yes.
> >The "unix way(tm)" to do it is to separate process spaces.
> Uhm, but in windows this is all (or at least can be) done in-proc.  So at 
> least the glue code must be inproc.  I suppose your glue could 
> handle marshalling all the variants to your out-of-proc linux process.

Correct. Since wine now is LGPL, if I should take on this task
I would look at orbit/bonobo from the Gnome project and how
the mozilla component in nautilus works. If there is some
usable in there a generic COM object with glue to bridge
Wine/COM to bonobo would be a nice addition to a wine
based desktop.

> >Still not a small task.
> True.
Very true

Göran Thyni

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