toolbar.c regression at version 1.108

Duane Clark dclark at
Fri Mar 22 12:47:39 CST 2002

Dave Hawkes wrote:
> Hi Duane,
>>I would have to ask if that is the correct behavior. I have tested
>>Acroread 4, which has flying toolbars, under both WinNT and wine. And in
>>both cases, the flying toolbar disappears if you don't hold the mouse
>>button down.
> Yes, this is the behaviour under all MS Windows versions for our application
> Signlab, the flying toolbars do NOT disappear.

Ok, I downloaded Signlab and do see the behavior (once I figured out how 
to get it to run under wine :-). If you figure it out first, by all 
means let me know! Otherwise, I will probably take a look at it this 

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