Introduction and Sparc Solaris Status

Warren_Baird at Warren_Baird at
Fri Mar 22 15:23:48 CST 2002

Hi all,

I'm trying to get winelib working on Sparc-solaris.  I've got a few
questions I'd like to ask, but I'm going to post them as separate
messages, to keep the threading tidy.

But to summarize my status - I've managed to get
programs/{winemine,clock,notepad} all mostly working.  The main
remaining bug is that the mouse cursor doesn't show up in any of the
windows.  I'm currently looking into this one, but am having trouble
figuring out which bit of rope to start pulling on.  Any suggestions
would be very welcome.

My goal is to fix the mouse cursor, and then start cleaning up what
I've got to submit a patch sometime fairly soon.



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