FW: cygwin/wine port

Steven Edwards Steven_Ed4153 at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 22 16:14:39 CST 2002

Hello Dimi,
At wineconf you said you did the initial work on the cygwin port and I
was wondering if I could get some help from you on it. 

I have been able to build libwine_unicode.dll wrc.exe and winebuild.exe
under cygwin and mingw but I have had to do some tweaking of the
makefiles and I am not having much luck making changes to ./configure.

1. The LIBEXT option is not being set as DLL. It is still getting
configured as .so so when make gets to linking, she pukes out. I have to
manual change in the makefile.
LIBEXT    = dll
SONAME    = module_name.dll
LIBEXT    = dll
DLLEXT    = .dll

2. wineinstall/configure is not putting DLLWRAP=dllwrap in the
makefiles. It is finding dllwrap but not adding it to the makefiles.
DLLWRAP   = dllwrap

3. We will need to come up with a way to tell configure not to build the
other dlls with the *.spec. Winebuild has support for generating a
windows style .def like libwine_unicode.dll uses.

Thanks for your time

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