FW: cygwin/wine port

Steven Edwards Steven_Ed4153 at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 22 17:02:04 CST 2002

> What's the advantage of this? You'd still have to use the wine kernel 
> right? I'd loe to be able to get a relay trace from an app 
> running under 
> windows, but if you still have to use the wine kernel, there 
> isn't much 
> advantage is there?

Yes, you see the problem and the limitations we currently have. The
reason why this isn't 100% possible is because dll separation isn't
complete. Have a look at the the internal Wineserver functions and the
debugging code that the dlls depend on. This was discussed a little at
wineconf. Patrik Stridvall is doing the MS_VC++ port of wine and I'm
working on the mingw/cygwin port. Once wine can be built on these
platforms it will be easier for us to find/fix WINEisms in the DLL's and
work around/fix them. On platforms where we don't need a wineserver this
is a bitch. 

I need to be able to build the wine dlls under mingw for ReactOS.
ReactOS uses its own makefile/helper makefile system without GNU
autoconf/automake. Rather then import the wine dlls as we have done in
the past, hack on them for a while, then fight to merge changes back in,
I want to do a clean port to cygwin/mingw that can upgraded
independently of the rest of the ReactOS system. This helps us and this
helps wine by giving wine another platform to work on and moving ReactOS
ReactOS has a win32k.sys that provides the kernel mode portion of the
NT-like win32 subsystem. What we are lacking on the ReactOS project is
the user space side. The wine dlls provide this completion of the win32

/* never mind that we don't have windowing working yet =P */

The way we have worked around the bugs in the wine dlls is that we have
added support to our NTDLL.DLL for the debugging features of the wine
portion of the Win32 subsystem. I don't know if this will work or not
because well we don't have windowing working yet. Once DLL separation is
complete, there should be nothing left in the DLL's other then the
debugging stuff that will cause a issue with portability to any OS. 


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