Window focus regression

Duane Clark dclark at
Fri Mar 22 18:34:42 CST 2002

This patch to windows/x11drv, back on Feb 25, causes a window focus 
regression. It has been reported on wine-users, and also affects my apps.

What a coincidence, this was submitted by Dave :-) Since I don't 
understand what this was attempting to fix, how about a trade. I will 
fix the toolbar bug I introduced, and could you take another look at 
this one?

Basically, I am running Gnome (RH 7.2) and have the window manager mouse 
focus set to follow the mouse. When I slide the mouse out of and back 
into a managed wine window, the window does not completely regain focus. 
  The mouse focus is returned, but not the keyboard focus.

This can be seen in SignLab. I select the text tool, click somewhere in 
the window, type a few characters, then slide the mouse out of and back 
into the window. Now typing has no effect until I click the mouse 
somewhere in the window. Clicking somewhere in the grey border area 
allows the keyboard focus to return without cancelling the text tool.

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