stable vs. unstable trees

Tony Lambregts tony_lambregts at
Fri Mar 22 21:44:54 CST 2002

rob at wrote:

>>Having more regression testing of applications will help us get to 0.9.
>>If user's can't test one day > becasue they can't compile, that means 
>>less testing. It also means we might lose that user as a >tester all 
>Very true. I'm still running 20010510 because newer ones don't run Lotus 
>Notes anywhere near its level.
>I do have a CVS tree and every now and then do some testing and checking 
>on it, but surely the completeness of this testing is questionable...
The way I think about this, Is that the criteria for stable release 
should be a criteria for 0.9. By this I mean we need to define what 
minimum set of programs that  work.  Initially  this could be small, 
 say  two dozen core programs and grow from there.  At minimum 0.9 
should be the start of stable/unstable release.

Tony Lambregts

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