sandbox for regression tests

Geoffrey Hausheer it9zui001 at
Sat Mar 23 02:21:20 CST 2002

Hello everyone,
I was considering writing a few regression tests for wine, 
and after reading Francois' presentation, I thought 
perhaps a File I/O would be a good one to implement 
(especially since he mentions CreeateFile).  So I began 
thinking about how to go about it, which led me to the 

Has any thought been given to creating a sandbox for 
regression tests? For instance, let's look at creating a 
test for File I/O.  This requires creating/deleting 
files/directries, the ability to locate files, etc.

But I don't see anything in the framework that lets me do 
this portably on all systems.  In wine, I can't gaurantee 
that the test directory (which I could probably write to) 
is mapped to a Windows drive.  On all platformes, I don't 
see how I can write to an arbitrary location on C:, since 
it may  be unwriteable, and even if it's not, people 
probably don't want extraneous wine stuff littered around 
their drive when something goes wrong.

I'm now thinking I'll try something more straight-forward 
as my first attempt, but this type of test seems like it'd 
be very useful, and I don't see how to do it with today's 


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