More dumb regression questions

Geoffrey Hausheer it9zui001 at
Sat Mar 23 04:48:03 CST 2002

How do I run a wine perl regression test in Windows?

I thought the entire point was to make it so you don't
need a c-compiler, yet I can't seem to get the tests to 
run without the winetest application (which I've been 
unable to build on windows so far).  Is it planned that 
this executable be distributed with wine, or am I missing 
something else?

Ideally, I'd like to be able to get just the tests and 
required apps through cvs (or even a .zip file), and run 
them.  If this is possible today, it isn't obvious (to 
me) how to do it.

Sorry if this is documented somewhere, but I checked 
Francois' presentation, and the huge thread in January, 
and didn't find anything about it.
If you want to convince people to help write tests, it'd 
sure be nice if it was easy to find information about how 
to do it :)


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