Adding new libraries to the repository

Shachar Shemesh wine-devel at
Sun Mar 24 08:51:41 CST 2002

Hi list,

Like I mentioned ealier last week, I intend to add BiDi support to WINE. 
There is a library called fribidi ( that 
does a pretty good job, and seems exactly apropriate for this task. I 
have two questions:

A. What are my chances of getting a patch of this magnitude incorporated 
into the tree. The library is not particularily big, but includes a set 
of unicode translation files that are automatically generated from the 
unicode standard. It seems that WINE holds similar files itself, for 
similar purposes. I have not yet checked whether they conflict, and if 
they do, whether this conflict is resolvable.

B. The library is under the LGPL license. I understand that some of the 
WINE tree is under the same license, while other parts are under the X11 
license. Can someone please comment on the implications of such a move? 
What things do I need to take into consideration?

I would also like to solicit the help of any Arabic speaking developer 
in this process. I know some of the basic concepts behind Arabic 
writing, but I am not nearly fluent enough to provide bug free code.


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