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On Saturday 23 March 2002 20:57, you wrote:

> > I'd like to know why this was implemented like this as I
> > cannot understand the reason for it.
> Err, it wasn't implemented like this intentionally, I guess ;)
> I know that there's some trailing \\ problem somewhere,
> and I intended to fix some functions but haven't had enough time yet.
> What you want is finding out which Win32 API function returns this
> string to your program.
the function is kernel32.GetFullPathNameA which calls

> Then either fix it directly in this function, or, if really appropriate,
> fix it in some Wine internal function, and maybe that is actually
> DOSFS_GetFullPathName like you said.
It is.
What I really want to know is if "fixing" this would cause a regression 

Thanks for the fast reply

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