First regression test (alloc.c) - Please give feedback

Andriy Palamarchuk apa3a at
Sun Mar 24 21:49:57 CST 2002

Geoffrey Hausheer wrote:
> Okay, here is my first shot at writing a regression test 
> (in this case for memory management routines.
> Before I go and write any more tests, please let me know 
> any issues with style, or if it is just plain wrong.
> I've tested on Wine and Win2k, one test is marked TODO, 
> and two functions aren't implemented in Wine (LocalDiscard 
> and GlobalDiscard which are macros in VC++ winbase.h), so
> I have disabled those checks.  There are likely still bugs 
> in this too (though I've done my best to find and remove 
> them), so please pointout anything like that as well.

Everything looks excellent (only looks, I did not try to run this :-). 
You prepared and documented the tests very well.

> If all is well, feel free to commit this (or I can 
> resubmit it to wine-patches)

I'd recommend to send the patch to wine-patches list. Patches submitted 
to wine-devel are not guaranteed to make it to the CVS :-)
Don't forget to include the patch in the diff -u format.

> Also, I'll distribute this and all other regression tests 
> I write under the X11 license, so everyone can use it.

Contact X11 branch developers to include your code into that branch.

If you need an example of multithreaded tests see 
You can test NT-specific functions, just include the tests in Windows 
version check.

Andriy Palamarchuk

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