debugging longman dictionary

Eric Pouech eric.pouech at
Mon Mar 25 00:31:21 CST 2002

> I'd try to implement support for that in wine, but I don't know where to
> look... I basically need to be able to read/write the interrupt vector table
> (for int 0x00 here), AND to execute the modified interrupt vector when a
> division by 0 is executed. Any idea ?
I'm not sure we're really want to inject this type of support in the
wine tree (very specific, bound to old windows architecture...)
(this holds true for the DR? support patch)

what I'd do is:
- simulate (as for DR?) the IDTR read/write (memory/instr)
- provide our own interrupt table
- then hook the signal catches to this table (dlls/ntdll/
- in your case, especially the divide by 0 signal to entry 1 of this

however, I don't think this is the best way to go. It will add lots of
code to Wine (mainly i386 virtualization), and let programs modify
they shouldn't normally need to touch. 

I'd rather try to test with the NT mode, which shouldn't toy with all
those parts


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