fixme:bitblt:MaskBlt errors

Lonnie Cumberland lonnie at
Tue Mar 26 20:54:56 CST 2002

Hello All,

I have recently been able to locate what might be a nice routine for
the missing fixme:bitblt:MaskBlt errors but I am inclear on the next
step of how to implement it.

More accurately, I am just not clear as to the proceedure that should
be followed to add it, and test it, to my CVS version of Wine that I
have downloaded onto my home machine.

Could someone please give me a little guidance on this?


> On Tue, Mar 26, 2002 at 04:37:39PM -0500, Lonnie Cumberland
> wrote:
>> Hello All,
>> I am running a program that I have compiled with wxWindows, but
>> when I run the application it comes up with one of the graphic
>> images
>> (background image) displayed, but then the other 3 images do not
>> show up and I see an error message in my xterm:
>> fixme:bitblt:MaskBlt
>> (2144,50,50,53,61,2376,0,0,2256,0,0,-1429471200): stub
>> fixme:bitblt:MaskBlt
>> (2144,100,100,44,63,2380,0,0,2284,0,0,-1429471200): stub
>> fixme:bitblt:MaskBlt
>> (2144,150,150,53,53,2384,0,0,2312,0,0,-1429471200): stub
>> I am using the latest release of wine, but not the CVS version.
>> Has this been fixed yet or is someone working on it?
> No, it isn't fixed yet and i don't know if someone is working on
> it. As a quick fix, try to run your program with -winver win98,
> because MaskBlt is only inplemented on NT, W2K and XP.
> bye
> 	michael
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