ntfs filesystem

DanteAliegri og1 at umbc.edu
Tue Mar 26 23:01:38 CST 2002

Lonnie Cumberland wrote:

>Hello Dante,
>I must be confused. I know about the different types of filesystems
>that can be made and mounted on the Linux VFS, but doesn't Wine allow
>you to specify in the ./wine/wine.conf the filesystem type?

>In Windows NT for example, the user can assign permissions in a
>similar way that Linux allows. the same is true for Windows 2000 and
>I suspect for Windows XP as well.
since they all ( can ) use ntfs, yes.

>So this is really related to wine and how it interacts with the
>psuedo filesystem. Is this correct?
I'd suppose so. so if one was to add "ntfs" as an option.
it would just guarentee that permissions and such was written.
the primary problem atm, is that the ntfs write support in the actual 
VFS layer
is very experimental.
After that you would have to deal with translating unix username/groups 
into ntfs ones.


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