Announcing CrossOver Office - official support for Microsoft Office and Lotus Notes

Jeremy White jwhite at
Wed Mar 27 09:50:21 CST 2002

Hi everyone,

I thought I'd let you guys know that today we have
launched version 1.0 of our next product, which
we are calling 'CrossOver Office'.

Basically, we've tuned Wine so that it installs
and runs Office and Notes very nicely, and we're selling that
in a nice bundle.

Since it's LGPL, the Wine code to do that will be coming 
back to Wine shortly.  Please give us a bit of time;
we're going to be overwhelmed here shortly, and I'd
like to make sure that as the code comes into Wine,
each developer gets proper credit for their work.

I did want to extend an offer to everyone here, though.
I'll cheerfully send any wine hacker a copy of both
of our products for free (heck, we couldn't have
done this without your help; taking your money wouldn't
be right).  Just email 
    thanks at
and we'll send download instructions to wine hackers
whose email we recognize.  

Finally, I wanted to dedicate this release to Aric Stewart,
who has through some unfortunate circumstances not 
been credited for all of his hard work on Wine.
Thanks, Aric - you made this possible.

This is it, everyone.  I think Wine is really ready to rock
and roll this year.  Yeeha!



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