server socket handling...

michael cardenas michael.cardenas at
Wed Mar 27 17:57:33 CST 2002

thanks for the tip!  ;-)

i tried the latest cvs, and i apparently get less orphaned events. 

unfortunately, this still didn't solve my problem of getting aol to 
communicate with servers outside of aol. 

On Wednesday 27 March 2002 10:03, Alexandre Julliard wrote:
> michael cardenas <michael.cardenas at> writes:
> > but, if an app is turning off it's event notification with an event mask
> > of 0, this will cause the pending messages to come in after the
> > notification is turned off and the event is already orphaned, if the app
> > only has one thread for socket event handling.
> You should try the CVS tip, this is done differently now (won't
> necessarily work better though...)

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