wineinstall patch

Urivan Saaib saaib at
Fri Mar 29 08:00:11 CST 2002

Hi Chris,

> This patch has some significant changes to wineinstall, the most notable 
> being that we no longer let the user run wineinstall as root user and that we 
> use su -c"command" to run 'make install' and to modify the users 
> /etc/ file if necessary.  I wanted to get feedback from people on 
> these changes.

Great ! a couple of the guys from our linux user group are talking about
CW's wine and as they are experimenting with WineHQ, the installation is
always a big issue (for those who work kind of all day don't want to spend
much time figuring out the installation procedure). Yes, they should read
the README but ...

I'm continuing testing those of the top-10 most popular software from the
download archives sites, and will post soon the results.

Urivan Saaib
Open Source Communications
Email: saaib at

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