Improving the regression testing infrastructure

Eric Pouech eric.pouech at
Fri Mar 29 15:02:13 CST 2002

Francois Gouget a écrit :
> On Fri, 29 Mar 2002, Eric Pouech wrote:
>    For the parameter testing I was thinking of storing the expected argv
> parameters in environment variables. Then, we need a way to tell the
> child to do specific tests (maybe one more environment variable) and it
> would then compare the contents of the environment variables with what
> it got.
>    But since we do not control the main/WinMain, we would have to rely
> on getmainargs or __argv, __argp tricks (which means parts of the test
> may only be possible in msvcrt).
I don't follow you... we got access to main (what is missing is just
letting the test procs access argc/argv pair

>    The approach above would probably not work testing environment
> variable passing. So alternately, since the two share the same code, you
> could instruct the child to expect to receive the data corresponding to
> global array 5.

anyway, since the test program is a CUI, the proposed scheme doesn't
either the WinMain part
only the argc/argv part of main (the rest of the parsing is either in
msvcrt or shell32 (for the unicode part))

I decided to let the parent do the checking because:
- you don't know what the stdout of the child will be (and if you'll be
  able to get the results on the console)
- make process depends on result of the parent for success/failure

anyway, any test would be compare data (or behavior) from parent and
which means that you need a way to pass data from one to the other
for the reason explained above, I think it's better to let the parent
do the final testing.

anyway, it may show that the child being only the same process as the
with different arguments fails for:
- CUI and GUI testing
- independance of crt0

as I said, I choose the temp file because it's independent of any of the 
other bits (I mainly use the unix C lib)
other ways would include:
- env variables (but you may have limitations on the length of the
- registry (that would be, in term of coding, much more cleaner, but
  require handle inheritance for testing the process creation...)
- shared mem...
so, a mechanism used by two processes. so I'd rather test the process
first, and then the IPC mechanisms


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