Improving the regression testing infrastructure

Eric Pouech eric.pouech at
Fri Mar 29 15:47:25 CST 2002

>    True. So what we need is to add a function in the testing framework
> so that tests can get argc/argv/envp. Seems like a reasonable approach.
I was more thinking adding some wt_argc and wt_argv, with init in main
so that we don't have to deal with the portability issues of the __argc, 
__ ARGC...

> > I decided to let the parent do the checking because:
> > - you don't know what the stdout of the child will be (and if you'll be
> >   able to get the results on the console)
>    It should have the same stdout as the parent, unless you explicitely
> nuke them when calling CreateProcess.
yup... but we want to test CreateProcess, and some test cases will
the stdout handle

> > - make process depends on result of the parent for success/failure
>    Yes, the child should have an exit code that indicates success and
> another one that indicates failure. The parent checks that and returns
> success or failure as appropriate.
either way

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