Improving the regression testing infrastructure

Eric Pouech eric.pouech at
Fri Mar 29 16:12:32 CST 2002

Geoffrey Hausheer a écrit :
> > >    True. So what we need is to add a function in the
> > testing framework
> > > so that tests can get argc/argv/envp. Seems like a
> > reasonable approach.
> > I was more thinking adding some wt_argc and wt_argv, with init in main
> > so that we don't have to deal with the portability issues of
> > the __argc,
> > __ ARGC...
> Is there a reason we can't just use environment variables
> rather than argc/argv?  I would think that would be less
> of a hassle than using argc/argv.

on the same address space across several threads, no need for
env variables, all the threads share the same address space

when between two processes, then the argc/argv is passed anyway
to main)
the only place where you could need then is for testing in child
that you get the correct strings (see exchanges with François around

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