Wine List Control compatibility

Tony Lambregts tony_lambregts at
Fri Mar 29 19:18:17 CST 2002

Peter Quax wrote:

>>>Some things will break if you start trying to use a bunch of native
>>>DLLs. And especially trying to use the native comctrl is likely to break
>>>That said, I downloaded and tried out the program. To get it to run, I
>>>used these native DLLs:
>>>With that, the listview appears to be working for me just fine, assuming
>>>you are talking about the one with the labels Oefening, Titel, and Item.
>>>This is with current CVS.
>>I get about the same thing with the same problems (except I havent
>>crashed) but I have some time.It would be much easier if there is an
>>english version of this program.I don't have a soundcard.(maybe thats
>>why I havnt crashed yet). I probably could get one. Does anyone want to
>>recommend a cheep one that works well with linux?
>Both of you, thanks very much for your help.
>First of all I forgot to mention that the use of sound is not an issue (we
>don't use that at our school), so that is not a problem whatsoever.
>I tried using the dll configuration as given and indeed it shows the list
>control (just as it did before), but as I mentioned the image lists are
>incorrect. To demonstrate this, I've taken a couple of screen shots to give
>you an idea of what it should look like :
> : this is the windows version
>that shows the correct icons in the list control (at the bottom)
> : this is the wine version
>which demonstrates the incorrect behaviour of the icons
>You can clearly see that there is a difference. Now, when I doubleclick for
>example 4-1 in the 'oefening' column to start this exercise, the window that
>comes up doesn't show all of the text. A second anomaly is that from time to
>time, the cursor will disappear. This is shown in the next 2 screenshots :
> : this is the windows
>version that shows the correct text
> : this is the wine version
>which demonstrate the lack of text in the upper left corner
>I hope this made my problems a bit more clear ? Also, I'm afraid that there
>isn't an english version of this package available. I tried contacting the
>authors but they don't seem to respond to any of my emails.
>Again, thanks for all your help
>Peter Quax.
It looks like its not translating the color palet correctly.  What color 
depth are you running at?  My guess is that it is 16. If this is correct 
then try increasing it.  It may be that the text is just not showing up 
because of this problem.  

I have CC:ed the Wine development list in order that the real wine gurus 
can have a look at this. How long do you have before  you have to 
subject the little children  to the "Windows Solution".

Tony Lambregts

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