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Sat Mar 30 05:40:24 CST 2002

>>>>> "Insyde" == Insyde  <insyde at> writes:

    Insyde> Hi, I'm getting this error running a system under WINE:

    Insyde> 0806faa8:trace:dosfs:DOSFS_GetFullName C:\WIN\IY032097.DAT

    Insyde> Seems like the file isn't being created. (Uwe Bonnes helped me
    Insyde> with this).  But we disagree what part of WINE (or outside WINE)
    Insyde> is wrong.  The first part of the log shows a CreateFileA that is
    Insyde> unable to create a file.  This API works fine when the file is
    Insyde> in the same dir as the application (had tested it).  The second

Yes, and wine does right to not create the file. The program explicity
requests to open an _existing_ file. Understand that the CreateFile Api is
also used to only open existing files. As the file is not yet created by the
other process, the CreateFile Call fails here, as the API requires.

    Insyde> part of the log shows the last screen I get after start the
    Insyde> program (MessageBox API).  MFRTS32 is a .dll the program
    Insyde> calls. We thougth of there too.  But this program works under
    Insyde> Windows. Everything is in the path. Both wine.conf and Linux.

As I told in private mail, I suspect something wrong in synchronization
between the processes involved.
    Insyde> Thanks, Ricardo.  <!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.0
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