CreateProcess design

Eric Pouech eric.pouech at
Sat Mar 30 12:14:25 CST 2002

before latest Alexandre patch, CreateProcess was able to use stuff like:
CreateProcess(NULL, "foo.exe --wine_opt -- --foo_opt")

--wine_opt was seen by foo as options for wine, whereas foo_opt could be 
a command line option for foo (in foo, the command line would only be

since last night, this is broken:
- --wine_opt is still seen as a wine option
- however, the command line passed to foo isn't cleaned up... we get the
  whole line "--wine_opt -- --foo_opt"...

what should we do. I think Alexandre long term option is to really get
rid of the options on the command line and use the WINEOPTION(S) env
var (we could still have a wrapper script to do the conversion)

should we adopt this right away or clean up the command line option ?

as a consequence, you no longer can use any CUI program in the
user/graphical mode, including winedbg - it still work as a unix console


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