Morten Welinder terra at
Fri Mar 29 14:57:07 CST 2002

I get the message

*** Note: Your system appears to have the FreeType 2 runtime libraries
*** installed, but 'freetype-config' is not in your PATH. Install the
*** freetype-devel package (or its equivalent on your distribution) to
*** enable Wine to use TrueType fonts.

even though I do have freetype-config in my PATH.  It seems related
to the test

   dnl Check that we have at least freetype/freetype.h
   if test "$ac_cv_header_freetype_freetype_h" = "yes" -a "$wine_cv_fttrigon" = "yes"

(Note: comments, message, and code do not agree)  I don't seem to have
the <ft2build.h> and <freetype/fttrigon.h> files.  Should I?  This is
on a SuSE7.3 system, FWIW.


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