Unicode, i18n support

Francois Gouget fgouget at free.fr
Sat Mar 30 23:05:16 CST 2002

   Bug 98 - Unicode, i18n support is quite vague. How could I flesh it

For instance I am thinking that we could convert this into a
metabug and have one sub bug for each control that still needs to
be unicodified. So:
 * which are the common controls that still need to be unicodified?
 * are there other controls that need to be unicodified
 * do common dialogs need work?

   As usual the goal is to make the individual tasks more visible so as
to give inspiration to potential contributors, and so that we have a
better idea of our progress and what remains to be done.

   Another issue, which would fall more in the i18n part is BiDi
support.  What is the scope of this? Does it require modifications of
all the controls like unicode?


   Shachar, it sounds like you started working on this, should I say so
when I create a bugzilla task for this? Even better, can I assign the
task to you? (it can always be reassigned later, it's just a more
flexible way of doing things).

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