Unicode, i18n support

Shachar Shemesh wine-devel at sun.consumer.org.il
Sun Mar 31 06:35:50 CST 2002

Francois Gouget wrote:

>   Bug 98 - Unicode, i18n support is quite vague. How could I flesh it
>For instance I am thinking that we could convert this into a
>metabug and have one sub bug for each control that still needs to
>be unicodified. So:
> * which are the common controls that still need to be unicodified?
> * are there other controls that need to be unicodified
> * do common dialogs need work?
>   As usual the goal is to make the individual tasks more visible so as
>to give inspiration to potential contributors, and so that we have a
>better idea of our progress and what remains to be done.
>   Another issue, which would fall more in the i18n part is BiDi
>support.  What is the scope of this? Does it require modifications of
>all the controls like unicode?
>   Shachar, it sounds like you started working on this, should I say so
>when I create a bugzilla task for this? Even better, can I assign the
>task to you? (it can always be reassigned later, it's just a more
>flexible way of doing things).
Sure, assign it away.

In general, I am not sure what my exact role is going to be, as it seems 
IBM may be picking up this glove, and they have a month and a half and 
two men fore on me (not to mention full time vs. off hours).

If you do assign it, use "winebugzilla.at.sun.consumer.org.il" as my 
email address, please.


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