MAX_PATH mess fix

Steven Edwards Steven_Ed4153 at
Wed May 1 16:35:01 CDT 2002

> I have committed a different fix that I think should work 
> too, please give it a try. We should be 100% 
> Windows-compatible now so if it still doesn't work I'd say 
> the problem is in Mingw.

Your fix worked for all of the missing MAX_PATH errors in winnls.h and
wingdi.h but 
I still get one warning every once and a while.

../include/windef.h:155: warning: `MAX_PATH' redefined
/usr/include/mingw/stdlib.h:62: warning: this is the location of the
previous de

Is this a mingw problem? If so I wil go talk to them, if not then it
just needs 
This before the MAX_PATH define.

#ifdef __MINGW__
#undef MAX_PATH
#endif /* __MINGW__ */

In any case I can live with this warning now that the errors are gone. 
Thanks For the help so far.

"Every revolution was once a thought in one man's mind"
- Ralph Waldo Emerson 


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