Chinese text input into Notes R6 Mail field (windows/defwnd.c ??)

leanne leanne at
Thu May 2 02:58:46 CDT 2002

Daniel Schwarz wrote:

>>Actually Aric and Ulrich helped a lot and they provided us the patch you
>>Codeweavers did for your clients and Aric has
>>gained permission to open the source.  Since he needs to clean up the
>>code, he suggested to let him post the patch when it's
>>I used it to try for Chinese Input on Notes Client r6.  Unfortunately,
>>it only works on some controls.
>>When I want to type Chinese/Japanese on the mail content area ( do not
>>know what kind of widget it is),
>>it doesn't show properly.  I think it's a bug.  Could you kindly help?
>>Which segment of code I should trace on?
>I have not used Notes R6 extensively but based on my understanding of the
>Notes R4 - R5 code, the mail content area is a Notes Rich Text field,
>which is implemented internally to Notes. It's not a Windows control
>therefore will not be responsive to code that hooks into Windows controls.
>Notes is localized for many countries,including, I think, Chinese,
>although the Notes R6 Beta is probably US-English only. I suggest you
>experiment with a copy of Notes R5 with Chinese localization.
We have tried with R5 and the result was the same.
and when I typed "§A" (Chinese of "you"), I got unicode 4f60 in

LRESULT WINAPI DefWindowProcA( HWND hwnd, UINT msg, WPARAM wParam,
LPARAM lParam );

charW = wParam;
printf("DefWindowProcA WM_IME_CHAR %08x\n", charW); // I got it correct!
- 4f60 (unicode of "you" in Chinese)

//Is there something wrong here?

CHAR chChar1 = (CHAR)( (wParam>>8) & 0xff );
CHAR chChar2 = (CHAR)( wParam & 0xff );

SendMessageA( hwnd, WM_CHAR, (WPARAM)chChar1, lParam );
if ( IsDBCSLeadByte( chChar1 ) )
SendMessageA( hwnd, WM_CHAR, (WPARAM)chChar2, lParam );


>If you need technical details on how localized versions of Notes handle
>alternate keyboard input methods, let me know and I'll see what I can dig
>Dan Schwarz
>The Wine Wiki

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